Our Group

Acme Tel Mashriq Stones is working in Building Stones, Minerals and other Stones since year 2002. We have product/service-oriented team that has proven abilities to provide customers with superior service and technical capabilities. We are specialists in exotic Sandstone, Marble, Onyx, Limestone and stock that are exclusive to Stone Warehouse. People are our most valued assets and we are dedicated to craft a unique solution to every client’s requirements.We are recognized and encouraged for our innovation, modernization and supreme accountability. It is the commitment that set's Mashriq Stones distribution apart from the competition.


Mashriq Gems Mashriq Gems is working in Semi precious stones, Precious stones and other stones. We are very enthusiastic to explore new stones in the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our expertises force us to work hard and explore new stones regularly. We provide quality and variety to our customers.


Mashriq Communication Mashriq Communications are the Business Partner with Telenor GSM (Karachi) since year 2005 and thus one of the Pakistan’s fastest growing mobilization specialists, vast experience in providing bespoke voice and data airtime packages to any organisation with staff operating in the field. Mashriq Communications is committed to providing all your communication requirements and will tailor our offering to the exact needs of your work and business, whether you need mobile voice and data, mobile working solutions, or the entire suite.


Zeta Technologies Zeta Technologies with leading collaborations, highly qualified engineers, human resource and professional management is an IT/Telecom, Security and Surveillance solutions Provider Company with a focus on providing quality, high-end network infrastructures for both home and commercial purposes. We are trained in leading-edge technology and are available to work with virtually any network, anywhere, anytime. Zeta Technologies have achieved excellence in providing business class and cutting edge services due to vast experience in successfully handling large scale projects.


Mashriq Transport Mashriq Transport is a family owned company now run together with their management team who have many years of experience, offering a complete service in transport, warehousing and facilitating the local passengers. Our goal has always been to offer our customers a first class service at a competitive price and over the years we have achieved this by investing in staff training and operating the best for the job. The company policy of continual improvements in staff development, customer service and re-investment in our business puts Mashriq Transport services in a good position in the market place and we are poised for future growth.


Acme Tel Acme Tel is international voice company, interconnected with Tier 1 carriers and national telecoms, thus providing top notch voice termination services to A-Z destinations around the globe. We ensure to render wholesale VoIP services of high quality and low cost to our customers. Acme Tel’s relentless dedication and passionate teamwork enabled us to build and maintain strong business relationships with our clients. These achievements have motivated our team to take up further challenges for future growth of our company.


Mashriq Traders Mashriq Traders, previously working with Engro Foods (the biggest and fastest growing conglomerates in Pakistan) in the distribution of their food products, are now looking for improved, enhanced and finer business opportunities.